Back in October - my colleague and team mate Shelby Bouchard posted a video - call it a Car Wash Chronicle.... and it got me thinking. Thinking about Polarization. Thinking about Equalization - this was right at the time of the Autumnal Equinox - equal day, equal night.

I have learned over my lifetime that I am definitely affected by the amount of light available to me. I require not only enough lumens, but enough vibrancy and colour as well, to function at my best.

Last week I was challenged to post a series of photos in Black and White... about my life right now - with no people, no pets, no captions. That brought me back to thinking about opposites - and considering more about perceptions and how we react to ideas that are different from our own.

As an artist - I easily challenge the concept that Black and White are opposites. To me they merely respond differently to the same set of inputs - with black absorbing all the colours of the spectrum and white reflecting them.  Ok - maybe that is the scientist in me.

In between - are the shades of grey. Infinite in number - not just 50!  I challenge myself to see the colours within that grey space, in the way that I challenge myself to consider ideas other than my own - to find commonality - and also differentiation. To  challenge myself to learn and to grow - to evolve.

If I asked you what colour leaves are - would you immediately say "green?"

I watched a show with my grandsons Logan and Brandon about colour - and was presented with the idea that if what we see is the colour reflected and not collected by the object we view.. then leaves are - actually - every colour but green. 

I bend my mind around that in a form of pretzel logic - and try to remember that when I am presented with new ideas - or, in fact - ones I take for granted... Question Everything. We live in a time of rapid change, and disinformation. 

Never has it been so important to "Stand For" something... or so easy to "Fall For" anything.