1. Drones

Sometimes a bird's eye view makes all the difference in showing the lay of the land. We partner with Okanagan Drone when we need the best in Drone pilots and photographers.

2. Digital Signature Platforms

Years ago, an agent could spend hours driving back and forth to collect buyer and seller signatures on forms. Today, when it makes sense for our clients, we can toss our pens and manage everything from the office or even the car, thanks to digital signing platforms. 

Canadian federal and provincial governments have enacted e-commerce laws that make electronic signatures just as valid as physical signatures. We use DocuSign to  securely send documents for clients to authorize with a simple click on a computer or smart phone.

3. Electronic Lockboxes

Smart lockboxes on homes have several features that can make showing a home more secure. These new boxes allow smart phones to work as keys, which means they also can track who enters and leaves the home

4. Social Outreach

We actively engage on social media - primarily Facebook and are constantly sharing our clients listings as well as answering questions and providing information about properties we are marketing. Are we connected online? We hope so!  

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