This week, Pj picked up a couple Mexican cookbooks (in Spanish) at the OXXO. Our first foray into new dishes was chicken breast stuffed with cheese and piled with vegetables and basil - all steamed in a banana leaf. Of course, in Canada, parchment paper may be easier to find ;-)

All the ingredients for this dish are easy to come by, the process is simple, the results delightful and healthy!

Here is a look at the process:

Prep Zucchini, Tomato and Basil
Make 3 slices into Chicken Breast
Add salt & pepper to both sides, insert slices of cheese (we used Manchego)
Layer zucchini and tomato, top with basil and add some olive oil.

Wrap in Banana leaf - or parchment paper

Steam for 35 minutes
We served ours with Mexican rice - and it was a hit!

A nice salad in place of the rice would make this a very lean, clean meal!

Buen Provecho