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Helping Sellers Prepare For The Home Inspection

Brenda Ellis

Brenda Ellis, most frequently known as Brell, is a partner, mom, grammie, friend and a REALTOR® you’ll want to connect with...

Brenda Ellis, most frequently known as Brell, is a partner, mom, grammie, friend and a REALTOR® you’ll want to connect with...

Apr 3 3 minutes read

A home in better condition will normally show better, and sell for more than one with problems that could have been corrected.  Big examples include a roof that needs replacing, heating that functions poorly and plumbing fixtures that leak, but even things like switch plates and clean gutters matter.

By addressing these types of issues before the we list the home, we can market the home with evidence of its condition, positioning your home at an advantage over comparable homes. This can result in:

  • better showing feedback
  • quicker offers to purchase
  • a stronger negotiating position
  • cleaner offers from prospective buyers
  • and a smoother transaction with a more secure chance of completion

Local Home inspector Trish Wise shared this with us - and we'd like to share it with you!

Being prepared is part of a successful sales strategy.

How a Seller's Pre Inspection Can Add To The Saleability Of Your Home

 A pre-listing inspection can uncover previously unknown problems – major and minor – allowing sellers the opportunity to make repairs, updates or replacements as needed or as you, as the sellers wish. This allows a proactive approach to items that are likely to potentially scare off buyers during their  own inspection. 

At the very least - it allows the seller, via the PDS to declare any issues they choose not to fix so as to ensure the buyer knows during the price negotiation what kind of issues they are purchasing.This put the seller at an advantage during negotiation, lessens the risk of  problems becoming  revealed during a subsequent home inspection.   Items identified at the buyers inspection that sellers were previously unaware of CAN keep a property from selling at its highest potential price, (Some things that can and have happened in the past are that buyers try to renegotiate the purchase price, they ask for the seller to have items fixed at the seller cost, or they walk away from the purchase)

Being well-informed sellers a will work to everyone’s advantage, especially yours.

Ask about other ways to get a jump on getting your home sold easily.

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